Cuts, scrapes, and bruises.

Homeopathy has two wonderful Remedies for the moments where a plaster alone does not do the job.

Calendula and Arnica.

Calendula officinalis, Calendula is used for cuts and scrapes. Calendula is known more often by its common name ‘pot marigold’ and it is a common garden plant. It produces large yellow or orange flowers which are the part used to make the remedy.
Calendula for cuts and scrapes is best it is best used in a cream or tincture form and applied directly to the skin.

Bleeding from small cuts can normally easy be controlled by applying pressure and elevating, Medical help would only be needed in the following situation, the bleeding doesn’t subside when pressure and elevation is carried out, if there is an object stuck in the cut, if the cut to the skin was caused by an animal bite or is caused by a dirty object that caused a puncture wound.

The most important thing with a cut is to prevent infection. wast the wound under running water or saline solution, Apply the calendula lotion to the wound and cover with a plaster to stop any further debris entering the wound.

The great thing is by using the calendula cream, you help to keep the wound moist which has been shown to beneficial for wound healing. Wounds can heal 50% faster if kept moist (Winter, 1962) as it enhances the regrowth of new skin.

If a wound has not shown signs of healing after 48 hours its best to get checked out by a professional.

Arnica is one of the best-known homeopathic remedies for bruising, it can either be taken as a remedy or used as a cream applied directly to the bruise.

Arnica is also known by the names mountain tobacco, it is subalpine)and grows in the mountains of North America. It is so useful as contains anti-inflammatory properties. A bruise is caused by bleeding into the skin or under the tissue beneath the skin.

So a bruise can sometimes indicate a deeper trauma or injury. Following the trauma, bump or fall you can take an arnica remedy immediately, try to raise the injured area to minimize the swelling. Put a firm pressure or a cold compress on to the injury and hold it in place for ten minutes. Then apply the arnica cream to the injured area.

You also take arnica and apply arnica cream to those big bumps to the head, the kind toddlers and young children so often get when learning their balance and abilities. Even those big bumps are normally fine but need careful attention and observation.

Apply arnica to the area and keep an eye on the feel of the lump, it the lump starts to feel squishy under your finger be vigilant, if there is sleepy, vomiting or refusal to eat or drink, loss consciousness or complains of a persistent or worsening headache, then get professional help immediately and keep taking the arnica until you receive the help.

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Cuts, scrapes, and bruises.

Homeopathy has two wonderful Remedies for the moments where a plaster alone does not do the job.

Its that time of year again – Back to School, with the colds and flu’s starting up again!

Having had my little boy home off school with flu for the last couple of days and prescribing Homeopathic remedies for him it gave me an idea for my blog post.

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